Happy Thanksgiving

Hello All,

Happy Turkey Day! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I have been busy and I also adopted a kitten 3 months ago. He’s now 5 months old and named Mowlgli.

Pic 2

(He’s really cute.)

Pic 3

(Camera Flash. Cat kryptonite).

Don’t let the glare fool you, he’s very sweet. When he hides behind corners and jumps out to attack me, he always makes sure I don’t trip over him.  Seriously though, he’s very loving and playful. Adopting a kitten from my local shelter was a great decision.

More writing posts, updates on my writing journey, and Mowlgli to come soon!

Writing Myth & Updates

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog.  ( I kind of feel like that kid that never comes to school and shows up only for picture day. ) The Girl’s Guide revised editions are coming soon and I will be posting regulary on the blog again. Check out the new https://courtneysking.wordpress.com/writerly-writing-advice/motivation/writing-myths-vulnerability-of-the-writing-process/ under the  Writerly section for my personal hurdle with the writing process . But goodnight and I hope everyone had a great day!

Courtney S. King

Writing Motivation: Finding Inspiration in Every Day Elements

Hello everyone,

Ever wonder what your life would be like if it were a song? One of my favorite artist, Nick Bertke, does just that by creating remixes composed of every day conversations and musical beats. Some of his most popular videos are nostalgic Disney and Warner Brothers films with each having more than one million views! Proves that you can create art on any canvas!

(This video makes me want to get out of my fish bowl)

Check out my post on how to find inspiration in your every day life and create unique stories here:  https://courtneysking.wordpress.com/writerly-writing-advice/motivation/everyday-inspiration/

Have a good day!

Back to Blogging: Updates

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog. For the past months I’ve had a few of changes occur in my life. I needed a break, not only from writing, but to work on this chapter in my life.  In a nutshell, I felt like I’d lost myself.  Some days I felt like being lazy.

Exhibit A:

Me A Few Days Weeks Ago









However, after a few weeks of introspection and the past week of trial and triumph, I came out feeling like this:

X Men Storm

There are new features to my blog about the Girl’s Guide and writing advice! I’m so excited to write, have adventures, and meet new people. I hope everyone is having a great May and I look forward to reading and writing blog posts.More updates to come soon!

Happy New Year

Life news adventuresHappy new year, everyone!

I’m so excited to welcome the new year, experience exciting events, and fulfill many goals. I usually don’t create a list of resolutions, but I plan to do something a little wacky this the year.

My goal is to celebrate as many North American holidays as possible. I only celebrate three or four of the major holidays a year, but I want to observe the lesser known holidays to spice things up :). So this month I will not only observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but Global Belly Laugh Day on 1/24 as well. It’ll be my first time observing Global Belly Laugh day, but it’s a day of smiling, laughing, and being positive! Sounds like a good day to me.